Remote Coil with 2 Slide Checks (2 markers 1 bottle)

Remote Coil with 2 Slide Checks (2 markers 1 bottle)


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“Get that bulky tank off your paintball gun with a coiled remote! Unlike Steel braided hoses, the coil will expand and contract to fit whatever position you are in! This remote system allows maximum comfort and mobility when in use and is ideal to have when using a stock or a marker butt.


  • Slide Check valve for easy disconnection of air flow

  • Comes standard with quick disconnect and 3000psi coiled hose.

  • Quick disconnect attachment for easy release

  • Compatible with all paintball markers that have a standard ASA port that you attach a co2 or HPA tank

  • Long coiled hose that can stretch to the bottom of your marker to your back

  • Great for playing with 2 markers, eg 2x pistol(TPX or T8.1) like Lara Craft or sidearm and rifle on same gas bottle