How do I purchase a product on Dye-Hard Paintball?

1. Find the items you wish to buy

Keyword search boxes are located on nearly every page. You will also find links to browse lists and more detailed product-specific searches in the top and left navigation bar of each category. When you find an item that interests you, click the title or name of the item to see its details and availability.

2. Add to cart

Found the products you want to buy? Click on Add to cart. Your shopping cart contains all the products that you have selected to buy. Once you’ve added an item to your Shopping Cart, keep searching until your cart contains all of the items you want to order. You can access the contents of your Shopping Cart at any time by clicking the “Add to Wish List” Button.

2. 1 Add to Wish List

Your Wish List is a handy list of all the items you do not want to checkout with immediately. You can move items between your Checkout list and Wish List.

3. Check out

  • To enter checkout, click on the ‘proceed to checkout’ button.
  • Your product list will appear. Select the products you wish to buy and click on the check-out button on the bottom right of the page.
  • You will now be prompted to log in or register if you have not already done this.
  • Select your delivery method and click on the continue button on the bottom right.
  • Select your delivery address or create a new delivery address.
  • Select your payment method, and click on the ‘buy now’ button on the bottom right of the page
  • Click on ‘proceed’ if you are ready to complete the payment process
  • A complete order summary will now display with all the details of your order.
  • Please ensure that all information, including your delivery details are correct.
I placed an order, what happens from here?

Firstly, if you placed an order, thank you for shopping at Dye-Hard Paintball.

We will do an inventory check of your order and confirm that pricing is in order and all items are in stock. This will give you the opportunity to amend your order if eg. a product is not in stock or the back-order might take to long or suppliers have informed us the product has been discontinued.

Item(s) are sent from Dye-Hard Paintball direct to you. Over 90% of our items ship within 1-5 days after receiving payment.

We have real-time inventory sync with most of our suppliers, but on rare occasions when an item is back-ordered, shipping can be 3 to/or exceed 30 days. We will do all we can to inform you, assist you with alternate product selection and expedite your order.

Tracking will be sent to the email account on record when an item has been sent.

General Returns
If a client is not satisfied with a purchase, it can be returned within seven days of the delivery for a full refund, less the shipping costs. Full refunds will only be issued if products are returned unopened and with all packaging and any other materials that were part of the original purchase. Should an opened product be returned, a 5% re-stocking fee will be charged, provided that all the original packaging and all materials are provided with it. Should an opened item be returned without some or all of the original packaging and materials, Dyehard Paintball reserves the right, at its sole discretion to levy an additional fee. Goods returned in opened packaging need to be returned in a condition that is fit for resale. Consumables can only be returned if they have not been opened. All products being shipped back to Dyehard Paintball should be carefully packed in protective materials where necessary. The package should have the order number and return address clearly marked. Should a product be damaged while being shipped to our offices; Dyehard Paintball will not be liable for the damages. It is recommended to insure any items that you send to us.
Payment Methods

When purchasing online, via email or ordering via WhatsApp, the following payment method is accepted:

1. Cash or EFT (instant transfer to ABSA) accepted on collection.

2. EFT orders to be delivered. Before doing EFT, insure your order has been confirmed by Dye-Hard.

3. Take note, when EFT is made, the amount due is to reflect in Dye-Hard Paintball’s bank account before shipment or collection may commence.

Do I have to purchase online?

You do not have to purchase online.

Alternatively you may, email or whatsapp us your order or inquiry.

Contact number: 084 240 7320

See something that's not on our shop?

If there is something specific you are after, but not yet listed on this site, send us an email or WhatsApp and we will do our best to source it and in future place it on our website.


General Paintball Safety Overview

Although paintball can be fun and instructive, use of the equipment has certain inherent danger. Danger can be greatly reduced, if not eliminated, by following safety guidelines, use of proper safety equipment, and exercise of common sense.

Paintball guns (markers) and accessories are not toys and can be extremely dangerous if used improperly or without proper safety equipment.

Read, remember, and follow these guidelines and use common sense.

If we were to offer one suggestion only, it would be to treat a paintball gun (marker) as if it were a real weapon.

General Paintball Safety Explained

Paintball guns are not toys.

A paintball gun should be stored, handled, and cared for in the same manner as a real weapon.

Always handle a paintball gun as if it were loaded and ready to fire.

Never allow children to have access to paintball equipment.

Paintball pellets are shot with significant force. Eye, ear, face, and head protection should be worn at ALL times. Do not remove this equipment even for a moment.

Even with the legally required safety markings, the guns look very real. Most people cannot tell the difference between a paintball gun and a real one. A mistake could result in devastating consequences. Law enforcement personnel and other people may react to a paintball gun in the same manner as a real weapon.

Never remove safety markings such as the colored tips.

Never assume that the safety markings will prevent someone from thinking a paintball gun is not a real weapon.

Always transport paintball guns and accessories in a proper bag or case.

Never handle a paintball gun in public. A mistake could result in devastating consequences.

CO2 cartridges contain high pressure. Never expose a cartridge to excessive temperatures. Never attempt to refill a disposable cartridge. Always follow instructions for tanks and refillable cartridges. Never dispose of a cartridge that still contains CO2. Even empty cartridges can explode if exposed to high temperature.

Extreme care should be exercised in the repair a paintball gun or CO2 cartridge. In the event of any actual or suspected malfunction or damage, we recommend that the equipment immediately be removed from use and returned for evaluation by qualified personnel.

Never attempt to modify your equipment on your own.

Eye, Ear, and Face Protection.

Paintball pellets are shot with significant force and can cause serious injury or death if proper safety equipment is not used at all times.

Eye, ear, face, and head protection should ALWAYS be worn.

Ordinary eyeglasses or safety goggles are NOT enough. Paintball safety equipment is designed to withstand the impact force of paintball pellets and to protect you from the paint. Ordinary glasses and safety goggles do NOT provide adequate protection.

Many injuries (especially eye and ear injuries) occur when safety devices are removed for just a few seconds. Do not remove safety equipment even for a moment. Many of the serious injuries have occurred when safety equipment was removed for just a few seconds.

Your eyes, ears, face, and head should ALWAYS be completely covered by proper equipment such as goggles, mask, and helmet.

Never fire at the head of another person, especially at close range.

All parts of your body should be completely and thickly covered. Body armour and vests are highly recommended.

Your eyes are the most vulnerable part of your body. Serious injury and blindness can occur from impact. Paint from paintball pellets can cause loss of visibility and possible blindness.

Ear injuries can occur as often as eye injuries.

Quick Paintball Safety Tips

Treat a paintball gun as if it were a real weapon.

Always handle a paintball gun as if it were loaded.

Never allow children to have access to paintball guns.

Any person under the age of 18 should use the equipment only under direct and constant adult supervision, if at all.

Never look directly into the muzzle/barrel.

Always wear proper safety equipment that protects your eyes, ears, face, and head. Ordinary glasses or safety goggles are NOT enough. Do not remove this safety equipment even for a moment.

Always wear proper clothing and safety equipment that protects your entire body. Body armour and vests are highly recommended.

Never store or transport a gun loaded with ammo or CO2.

Always store and transport equipment in a proper bag or case.

Always store equipment in a safe and secure location.

The safety should always be ?on? until ready to fire.

Keep your finger away from the trigger until ready to fire.

Never fire in the direction of someone’s head, especially at close range.

Be aware of your target and the area beyond your target.

Do NOT remove safety markings.

Never expose a paintball gun in public. Even with proper safety markings, a paintball gun could be mistaken for a real weapon.

CO2 cartridges, canisters, tanks and cylinders should never be exposed to extremely hot or cold conditions. Even direct sunlight or a closed car on a warm day can lead to excessive temperature.

Proper maintenance should be performed periodically to insure proper functioning and safety and should be done only by qualified personnel.

Never attempt to repair equipment that has experienced actual or suspected damage or malfunctioned.

Never attempt to modify equipment.

There are numerous State and Federal laws and regulations that govern the sale, shipment, transport and possession of paintball guns and accessories. Be sure to know and observe all laws and limitations.

Use common sense and treat paintball guns and accessories as if they were real weaponry.

Transportation and Handling

A paintball gun should be stored and transported as carefully as you would handle a real weapon.

Even with the legally required safety markings, the guns look very real and most people cannot tell the difference between a paintball gun and a real one.

Even with the legally required safety markings, a paintball gun could easily be mistaken for a real weapon. Never handle a paintball gun in public. A mistake could result in devastating consequences.

Always use appropriate cases or bags when transporting paintball guns.

Never transport a paintball gun loaded with ammo.

Never transport a paintball gun with the CO2 cartridge in place.

Always be sure the safety is ?on? even when not loaded.

Do not leave CO2 cartridges in a closed environment such as a car trunk or car with the windows closed, especially in hot weather. A closed environment can quickly result in high temperatures.

Paintball guns should always be stored and transported in a manner that prevents children from having access to them.

Children should never be allowed to have access to paintball guns without direct adult supervision and even them, extreme care should be exercised. A moment of inattention could result in serious injury or death.

CO2/Compressed Air Handling and Safety

CO2 cartridges, canisters, and tanks are under high pressure and can explode and cause serious injury or death, especially if exposed to high temperature. Danger increases with temperature. A closed environment, such as a car on a hot day, can quickly lead to dangerous temperatures that create serious risk and danger.

CO2 (carbon dioxide) is a complex chemical compound. Depending on temperature and pressure, the contents of a CO2 cartridge or cannister may be in liquid or gaseous form. Either way, the contents are under considerable pressure and must be properly stored and handled. The pressure is greatly affected by temperature. The higher the temperature, the greater the pressure and the greater the danger.

High temperature and/or pressure can be extremely dangerous.

Use only recommended cartridges and canisters.

Eye protection should be worn when handling CO2 cartridges, canisters, or tanks.

Never expose any part of your body directly to the CO2 gas. Even on a hot day, the CO2 gas is very cold and can cause frostbite type injuries. A sudden release of CO2 can have the same effect as direct impact.

Do not store CO2 or a gun with CO2 in an area of unusually high or low temperature.

High temperature causes increased pressure in the CO2 cartridge.

High temperature can cause the CO2 cartridge to explode and cause injury or death.

High temperature and the increased CO2 pressure can damage equipment.

Never expose CO2 to open flame or high temperatures. Avoid extreme temperatures of any kind.

Do not leave CO2 or loaded guns in direct sunlight.

Do not leave CO2 or loaded guns in a closed environment (such as a closed car or car trunk) where temperatures can rise.

Never attempt to refill a disposable cartridge.

Dispose of empty cartridges safely. Do not expose empty cartridges to high temperature. Even an empty cartridge can explode if exposed to high temperatures.

Never dispose of a tank or cartridge that contains CO2 without first emptying the cartridge. If you are unsure about how to empty the tank or cartridge or how to dispose of it safely, seek the advice of qualified personnel.

Never attempt to repair a CO2 cartridge, tank, or canister that has experienced actual or suspected damage or malfunction.

Never attempt to modify a CO2 cartridge, tank or canister.

Never ship cartridges or canisters that contain CO2. There are strict laws that govern the transportation and shipment of CO2 cartridges and canisters.

Carefully follow all instructions and safety guidelines when using refillable cartridges, tanks, and canisters.

Certain size tanks and canisters require periodic retesting by authorized personnel. Always follow the requirements for testing and repair contained on any tank or canister.

In the event of any question or doubt about the handling of a CO2 cartridge, tank or canister, you should assume it is dangerous and seek the advice of qualified personnel.

Low temperatures can reduce pressure in a CO2 cartridge leading to weak shots.

Rapid-fire shooting causes cooling of the cartridge and gun resulting in reduced pressure, reduced pellet velocity, and reduced shooting accuracy and efficiency.

Signs of reduced CO2 pressure include reduced pellet impact and shots that are not as loud.


Shipping Method

At Dye-Hard Paintball we provide door to door delivery service through a reputable courier company. Most orders are sent using a company called The Courier Guy. Alternative delivery can be arranged, but the cost of delivery quoted could change. Your order will be sent once payment reflects in our bank account with your order number as a reference.

A waybill will be sent to you once delivery has been scheduled and can be used to track your order on their website. 

Although courier companies are reliable, Dye-Hard Paintball cannot take responsibility for delays or mistakes from any 3rd party.

Please confirm your delivery address supplied on your order is correct and notify your sales agent immediately if anything needs to be rectified.

May I use my own courier?

Yes you may use your own courier if arranged with your sales consultant.

Before collection, orders must be paid for and reflect in Dye-Hard Paintball’s bank account.

Does Dyehard Paintball sell outside of South Africa?

Only Namibia.

What is the collection address?

Collection address will be provided when the collection is arranged via WhatsApp/Phone/Email.

To at least give you a geographical idea, it is in,

van Riebeeckshof
Western Cape
South Africa

Collection can also be arranged after hours.

How is shipping charged?

We like to use reliable shipping methods at the best price and convenience.

We primarily use The Courier Guy for all orders, unless the collection is arranged.

We send orders via The Courier Guy at a fixed shipping rate if the order is less than 5kg.

Insurance on your shipping can also be selected at an additional cost, as Dye-Hard will not be held responsible for loss in transit.

A box of paint is over 5kg and is charged at a higher delivery tariff, BUT please contact us for free delivery on paintballs when ordering larger quantities. eg. 10 boxes or more.

Shipping vendors change their rates regularly due to the fuel price fluctuations, our shipping calculation could be at fault at times. If not happy with the shipping quote provided, send us an email, we will try our best to give you a better rate, if possible.


Leaking o-rings need replacing?

Paintball guns (markers) use urethane o-rings, generally found at specialized paintball shops.

Urethane o-rings can handle extreme fluctuating temperatures caused by CO2.

My mask fogs up, how can I prevent this?

Mask with Thermal lens could improve, but not totally prevent fogging up.

Cheap alternative, use anti-fog spray on the inside of your lens. For best result, spray on and leave to dry, do not wipe.

Difference between cheap and more expensive paintballs

Pricing on Paintballs depends on different factors.

Exchange rate impacts almost all pricing of paintball products, because almost all paintball products are imported.

In South Africa we are fortunate to have local paintball manufacturers and importers. So we are spoiled for choice.

Eliminating the above mentioned factors that impact price, we could also look at the quality difference between cheap and expensive paint.
There are basically 3 categories.

Field/Rental/White box

Cheaper paint is usually used by rental paintball fields. The paintball shell is harder and tougher to prevent breaking by abusive rental conditions. The paint filling is also thinner and of a lighter colour.

Recreational Paint

Used by your weekend warriors that require a ball that breaks easier, thus slightly more brittle, but can still endure bush ball conditions. the filling is slightly thicker and brighter. Works well with traditional blow-back type markers (BT4 Combat / C98 / A5 / X7). Mostly used by scenario/bushball players.

Competition Paint

Mainly used with electro-pneumatic markers (no moving parts). The shell is very brittle and will probably break by dropping it on the floor from shoulder height. The filling is very bright and thick. This will also work in blow-back markers, but not recommended. Mostly used by speedball players.


The formula to make paintballs is adjusted and cost more when creating a more brittle paintball shell, adding more colour and thickness to the filling.

Hope this helps choosing the paint for you.

What speed should my marker be shooting and why?

Paintball Field Legal and Recommended Speed

260-280 ft/s

Why not higher?

  • Paintball Masks are safety rated at max 300 ft/s.
  • Paintball’s loose their accuracy after 300 ft/s due to the combination of aerodynamics and the imperfections of a paintball that come into play at those speeds.
  • The high velocity speed might break the paintball in the barrel

Recommended non-lethal Self-Defence Speed

Greater than 310 ft/s (Pepperballs/Solidballs/Rubberballs)

What oil may I use in my marker?

You may use Dyehard special pneumatic oil.

Do not use products like Q20 or commercial oils or any other greasing lubricants.

Your o-rings won’t survive and voids the markers warranty.


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