GXG GenX Multi Purpose Goggles

GXG GenX Multi Purpose Goggles


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The NEW Gen X Global Multi Purpose Vented Full Seal Airsoft Goggles offer your eyes a high level of protection while still being extraordinarily comfortable. These GXG Multi Purpose goggles feature a fully padded foam inner lining. The padded lining makes the goggles comfortable and gives the user full seal protection. Its lightweight, low-profile design (less than 5 oz) allows the user to maneuver easily as well as look down the sights of their airsoft gun, which can be difficult with other goggle systems. The GXG Multi Purpose Goggle also features a wide field of vision so you can identify targets, with excellent peripheral vision. The GXG Full Seal Airsoft Goggles are a must-have for safe airsoft play. Features: – Lightweight durable design – Comfortable fully padded liner – High visibility clear lens – Wide field of view – Vented anti fog design – One size fits all adjustable strap – Compatible with most lower face protection – Allows user to aim down sights


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