Tiberius T15 2-Pack Magazines

Tiberius T15 2-Pack Magazines


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The Tiberius Arms T15 Magazine is designed to fit the T15 series rifle and allows the user to shoot both First Strike rounds and standard .68 caliber rounds. A continuous feed design means you don’t need to eject and flip your magazine to take advantage of a high ammo count. Simply insert your T15 Magazine and count on your paintballs heading down range. With a scale 1:1 to a standard AR magazine, fitting the T15 Magazine into your stock mag pouches won’t be a problem and will offer the most realistic look and feel you will find in paintball!

Hit the field with all the ammo you will need at a cost effective price with the Tiberius Arms T15 Magazine Pack. This pack contains two T15 First Strike Magazines.


Continuous Feed 19 First Strike / 19 .68 caliber
Easy Clean Spring Retention System
Tooless Quick Wind Knob
Durable Polymer Construction